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Pre Opening Management

Swami corporate team has been involving in over 5 new hotel opening and property transitions over the last 12 month. We work closely with the property team to ensure a highly successful opening.

Swami pre – opening management services includes :

Recruit , on – board, orient and train Managers , Directors of sales

Brand immersion training, if required

Initial planning and development of the operational plan and staffing structure for the Hotel.

Developing the food and beverage and event/ catering strategy for the project

Establish market presence, research and gain full understanding of the competitive set properties, research business demand generators and start the direct sales effort.

Prepare Pre – opening budget for owner approval and submit monthly reports on pre- opening activities

Coordinate all activities in advance of opening date required for an organized and professional hotel opening and operation.

Our revenue management service increases your properties exposure with increased placement, increased distribution and content review, provides higher bottom line revenue at any level of demand. We apply revenue management as per the given market situations; company's vision and goals. We make decisions, based on market insights, and real time data that we gather through multiple resources. By implementing latest algorithms in pricing analysis, forecasting and distribution improvements; we will upgrade the financial results of your hotel by challenging your competitors. We are a group of experienced revenue managers with experience of more than 10+ years. Our revenue managers have got insights of the market they handle and well verse with improving technology.

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