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We are constantly thriving to expand our hospitality in India and overseas.

To help in customizing our services, each property by Swami has been categorized into Business Hotels in Uttarakhand, India, Lean operations, Higher Comfort Quotient and Full-service Hotels. With a strong brand and digitalized brand collateral, we are pleased to offer our guests promotions and exclusive deals. The first hospitality brand designed for the evolved, modern global traveller to India. Swami will incorporate elements such as modern decor, a full service-focus, cutting edge technology, and a deep respect for the environment into the experience that it carefully crafts for its customers.

Swami Hospitality is an initiative brought to you by the founders of " Swami Hotels And Resorts" Hotel Chain, with a presence in Uttarakhand we have already partnered up with 4 hotels to offer over 50+ rooms across the Uttarakhand. We have ambitious expansion plans and have dedicated regional offices in key citie Rishikesh across the landscape of the Uttarakhand to reach out to and provide end to end support and assistance to all partner hotels. Drawing from 3 decade’s worth of insightful industry experience and know-how we engage all our partner hotels to provide end to end operational support and training on all facets of the hospitality business keeping in mind the unique needs of the modern traveller and the gradual evolution of the hospitality industry.

If you are interested in joining the ONLY Hospitality family please write into [email protected]/ and we will get in touch with you.

We look forward to forging long term partnerships and growing together!

Vision : To be the modern traveler’s first choice for a mid-market hospitality brand that is synonymous with fun, great service and efficiency.
Mission : To provide mid-market global travelers extraordinary service at a moderate price. Spree is a brand for the youngest at heart.

We wish you have a pleasant and wonderful experience with Only!

Increases Your Properties Exposure : Under One Roof Grow Your Business with Brand & Strategy

Each property we manage is individually branded in order to extract maximum value from its strengths.

Focus on marketing the uniqueness of each property, while satisfying the needs and expectations of owners.

Hospitality’s property management service is built on proven business practices backed by in-depth professional understanding of Indian market, carefully crafted strategic planning, and timely and innovative problem solving.

Now focused on growing the number of contracts with hotels and resorts of various categories.

A strategic growth model has been adopted to aggressively dominate the Indian market.

An experienced team works with various hospitality development companies and capital markets to create growth opportunities and new management contracts.

Appoint well-trained Operations & Marketing team to handle the marketing aspect and expansion of business, publicity, etc.

Formulate and implement the changes necessary to operate the hotel more efficiently and maximize revenues.

Making sure that the assets of the property, both physical and monetary are protected & accounted for.

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